BuCor Love Foundation Milestones

Activities / Events 2012:
February 24, 2012 - Distribution of Bibles from Bishop Pio Tica and guests from the Hillcrest         Church, USA
March 18, 2012 - Prison Run 2012 was official launched (at Rajah Sulayman, Manila) with the         Honorable Mayor Alfredo Lim and Guests.
September 7, 2012 - Launching of the 1st Interfaith Fellowship Sportsfest (Theme: “.. Exercise         yourself toward godliness.” 1Tim. 4:7)
October 22, 2012 - BLFI sponsored and supported the 18th NCCW Sportsfest 2012 programs         and activities inside the MaxSeCom, NBP.
October 23, 2012 - Paralegal Symposium with the BuCor Legal Office at the Covered Court,         MaxSeCom, NBP.
October 25, 2012 - Distribution of Gideons Bible from the Gideons International; The Chorale         Competition; Interdenominational Prayer Rally.
November 5, 2012 - Paralegal Symposium Part 2 with the PPA.
November 10, 2012 - BLFI’s 3rd Year Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner at the BLFI Reformation         Office, organized by the BLFI Carcel and Presidio Satellite Offices,         MaxSeCom, NBP.
December, 2012 - BLFI Co-Founder, Supt Catalino A Malinao was designated as OIC-ADCA,         Office of the Assistant Director for Administration and Rehabilitation, Bureau         of Corrections. He is also the current Director for Reformation, BLFI.

Historical Milestones